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San Francisco County Birding

Clay-colored Sparrow ©  Hugh Cotter

San Francisco City Annotated Bird List

Current Total

as of October 31, 2018

This annotated list contains 423 bird species recorded in San Francisco City as of October 31, 2018. This includes all species seen on or from the peninsular section of San Francisco.

This list follows the official California state list maintained by the California Bird Records Committee (CBRC) .Taxonomic sequence follows that of the American Ornithological Society (AOS) "Checklist of North American Birds" 7th Edition, and all incorporated supplements.

This list is updated when additional species are found and properly documented, or when AOS taxonomic changes or CBRC decisions are published.

This list contains one species pair.

Last Additions:
Oct. 2018 - Blue-headed Vireo (PA)
Feb. 2018 - Broad-billed Hummingbird
Dec. 2017 - Brown-crested Flycatcher
Oct. 2017 - McCown's Longspur

Introduced species indicated by - I
Copyright; Hugh Cotter, 2018