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San Francisco County Birding

Heerman's Gull ©  Hugh Cotter


Below are a number of resource links for birding in San Francisco

San Francisco Field Ornitholigists (SFFO) >>>>
Includes the San Francisco breeding bird atlas; annual reports and miscellaneous San Francisco birding information.

Golden Gate Audubon Society (GGAS) >>>>
Local audubon chapter serving San Francisco and the East Bay.

Golden Gate Raptor Observatory (GGRO) >>>>
Includes hawk sightings from Hawk Hill in Marin county across the Golden Gate Channel

Farallon Islands Blog from Point Blue >>>>
Includes bird and mammal sightings from the Farallon Islands

California Bird Record Commitee (CBRC) Database  >>>>
Sightings from CBRC database for San Francisco

San Francisco weather from SFGate >>>>
General weather forecast including wind summaries for San Francisco

Additional links:

Western Field Ornithologists >>>>