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San Francisco County Birding

Olive-sided Flycatcher ©  Hugh Cotter

San Francisco City Cumulative Species List 2017

Year Total


as of Dec. 31, 2017

Each year since 1998 a cumulative species list has been maintained for San Francisco City.
The City is defined at the peninsular part of San Francisco county.

Summary 2017
The year ended with 289 species; the second highest total since 1998 and surpassed 2016 by nine species. The total precentage of species was approx 69% of the City total of 421. The highest yearly total was a cumulative 295 species in 2015. An archive of previous years cumulative lists can be found  here .

December 2017
Five species were added to the cumulative list for December including a new City record of Brown-crested Flycatcher, unfortunately a one day wonder. Other species found in December included the first Snow Goose of the year, Long-tailed Duck, Black-legged Kittiwake, Northern Saw-whet Owl and Lucy's Warbler. End of month total - 289

November 2017
Six species were added in November including a (the?) Ridgeway's Rail at Herons Head, not seen since in the City since 2014, a Rough-legged Hawk and Canvasback. After being well behind last year, November ended six species ahead of last year. End of month total - 283.

October 2017
Highlights for October included a McCowns Longspur, a City and County first; a Ruff, a City first record and a Red-throated Pipit, a second City record and first since 2008. End of month total - 277

September 2017
Besides January, September is typically the month with the most additions to the cumulative list and September 2017 added 20 species. The highlight was a Bay-breasted Warbler, at Fort Mason, the first in the City since 2001. End of month total - 264.

August 2017
Returning shorebirds and early fall migrants made up the bulk of the months sightings. The highlight though was a Nazca Booby found by researchers in SF bay as they headed out to the Farallones; a first City and County record. End of month total - 244.

July 2017
Highlight of the month was the return of the Parakeet Auklet for the second year in a row. Additional species added in July included a Lesser Nighthawk, first in over 15 years and an Amerian Redstart. End of month total - 237

June 2017
Nothing doing in June with no additions to the City list. End of month total remains - 234

May 2017
Highlight of the month and likely for the year was a Black-tailed Gull found by Dominik Mosur on Ocean Beach, a first City and County Record and 5th or so record for California. Other scarcities included White-winged Dove, an influx of Fork-tailed Storm Petrel's, Red-eyed Vireo and the first Hooded Warbler in four years. End of month total - 234.

April 2017
Migrants again were the main additions to the cumulative list in April; scarcer sightings included the first Hammond's Flycatcher of the year and Lawrence's Goldfinch. End of month total - 215, well behind the average for the last ten years.

March 2017
Returning migrants were the main additions to the list in March. Highlights for the month included Lesser Yellowlegs, American Bittern, Golden Eagle and a McGilivray's Warbler. End of month total - 199.

February 2017
A relatively quiet month with some geese and duck sightings adding to the overall cumulative list.  End of month total - 182

January 2017
Highlights for the month included a continuing California Thasher from 2016 at Clipper Terrace; the first county record at the time. Other highlights included the returning Eastern Phoebe, now in its second winter at the San Francisco Zoo and returning Burrowing Owl at Ocean Beach, back for its fifth winter. End of Month Total - 176